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Solving your Festive Dilemmas

Now, we know that many of you will be looking forward to Christmas with barely concealed joy and excitement but that festive frisson is tempered somewhat, isn’t it?

How to find that special treat for my partner? What to buy the in-laws? How to ingratiate myself with close friends, acquaintances and neighbours?

Ordering online? Convenient, certainly – but the stress of waiting for the deliveries to arrive? Waiting in, not venturing out to the bookies, just on the off-chance the parcel van stops at your house?

And don’t even get us started on gift wrapping … today’s modern consumers expect nothing less than a ‘Home and Gardens’ finish, the finest wrapping paper, with silken bows and all manner of fripperies. Are those frozen fingers up to the task, huddled as you are in your parlours, huddled over candlelight, fearing to toss that last icy log onto the dying embers of the hearth …

BMVC can help.

No waiting.
No wrapping.
No fuss.

An opportunity to show the world we’ve had enough of senseless consumerism and the outrageous fortune of boom and bust.

Give warmth
Give joy
Above all, give love, not tat this Christmas.

We are proud to announce that tickets are now available to you for our 90th Anniversary Concert at De la Salle Theatre, St Peter’s School, Southbourne on 11th May, at the giveaway price of £7.50.

Tickets have been scientifically designed to fit snugly within Christmas cards and crackers, bedeck Christmas Trees and precision engineered to shimmer within domestic card displays.

This is a limited edition, one time only event – and we want you to be there at our 90th Birthday party!

Tickets can be obtained from any of our choristers, emailing Allan, our Box Office Manager at or by getting on contact via our feedback page. Treat yourselves and spread some BMVC love this Christmas!!!