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Eight weeks over – the future starts here!

We had a fabulous evening with Warrington Male Voice Choir and the guys who were on  our Learn2Sing course on Saturday.  The Concert was very well received with some amazing feedback.  The success was framed very excellently and kindly by one of the audience who left this on our Facebook page.

“Happy to say I was there last night with my husband and a girl friend, and all three of us LOVED the performances. WMVC were hugely impressive as expected, and L2S should be very proud – it takes real courage to perform to an audience (especially one including 2 established choirs!) after such a short time singing together and they did very well indeed. But for me, and my companions, it was BMVC who were the undisputed stars of the show. Their tone, presentation, vivacity and range were all fantastic. I hadn’t heard them before, but would happily pay to hear them again in the future. Well done gentlemen, and thanks for a magical evening!”

What more could we ask for?

Moving forward, a large group of the L2S course members will attend their first Bournemouth Male Voice Choir rehearsal this Tuesday – the adventure continues for us and begins anew for them.