A choir that has carved a unique niche for itself in the British Men’s Choir scene, Bournemouth Male Voice Choir is best know for its genuinely diverse programming, use of stagecraft and themed concerts.  The choir members take their singing (but not themselves) seriously with a relaxed, well focussed but good-humoured air permeating all the choirs activities.

Put simply, we sing anything, as long as it’s good of its type.  In reality we have moved away from the traditional “male voice choir” repertoire and tend to programme each concert as a sort of “musical odyssey” – touching on as many different styles and genres as we reasonably can.  Our inspiration comes from many different places; we particularly love the work of Chor Leoni (from Vancouver), The King’s Singers and Orphei Drängar (from Sweden)

We are committed, in particular, to new music; we believe that the future of choral music depends on new compositions being written for choir and (in the case of male choirs) this is vital to their survival.  We also enjoy folk songs and fine arrangements of songs from the British Isles and from further afield are often found in our concerts.  We sing a wide range of sacred choral music too.  But do we let our hair down?  Well yes, more than you might think!  The last set in our concerts is invariably our “lollipops” – doo-wop, songs from the shows, boy band numbers, romantic ballads and some fancy footwork shows that we aren’t all work and no play.  Stagecraft, choreography and a great deal of Joie de vivre go into making these sets a lot of fun for us and for our audiences.

Our concerts are usually for good causes and over the past ten years the choir has helped raise around £100,000 for charitable works.

We sincerely believe that the choir has something for all tastes, both in terms of the enjoyment of audience and singers alike.  We make no apology for constantly searching for new highs in our music making, for the new experiences that will compliment the old.  We are “Proud of our past but looking to the future”.

 Above all, we think that choral singing should be fun, where we hope those listening to our music gain as much pleasure as we do performing it.  We are committed to improving our ability and our repertoire.

Bournemouth Male Voice Choir is a Registered Charity (Number 801320).